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Health And Safety

Geocam Contracts Ltd has an Exemplary track record when it comes to Health and Safety and Environmental Issues.

Our policies are fully compliant with the Health and Safety Act 1974. We are CHAS Accredited (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and we have a responsibility to work to strict guidelines set by the CHAS themselves.
In addition, we can accommodate any company or site specific requirements.

Before any works are undertaken a Safety File will be issued to the client including:

    Risk assessments
    Risk assessments will be job specific, detailing each part of the job. All risks will be recorded, assessed and mitigated.

    Method Statements
    Method statements will always be site specific and are written and developed to detail types of work being carried out.

    Work area inspections – 'Stop audit'
    Work area inspections are visual, on site health and safety audits that are conducted without notice, assessing that all health and safety procedures are being adhered to.

    C.O.S.H.H Data sheets (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health)
    It is imperative to hold all C.O.S.H.H data sheets to ensure the correct storage, use and management of any hazardous substance. These data sheets are included in the safety file for reference.

    GT700.2010 Tool box talks
    Delivering job and site specific training to workers prior to and during any project.

    Environmental Works
    Ensuring good housekeeping, recycling and waste control procedures are adhered to.

    Schematical Drawings / Furniture layout
    Showing office layout, removal or erection of partitions and doors, enabling correct furniture positioning, thus optimising the working environment without infringing on fire or health and safety regulations.

    Programme of Works / Task Management
    Showing the customer the list of tasks involved in the project plan, what order they are done and when they will be carried out, so the customer fully understands the dependencies and priorities of the project.

    Customer Health and Safety policies
    Your company health and safety policies will also be included in the safety file, thus ensuring total compliance.

    CDM Compliant
    Projects falling within the scope of the Construction Design Management Regulations are managed accordingly with architectural design, planning and supervision.